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  • Clayton-2x
    "Our portfolio of exceptional wealth management and private banking firms have one focus: bringing compelling value and distinctive personal service to high net worth individuals."

    Clayton Deutsch


  • Margaret-2x
    “We provide legal oversight and resources to support both corporate performance
    and high integrity governance functions.”

    Megan Chambers

    Executive Vice President
    General Counsel

  • David-2x
    “Our focus on fee-based revenue development and capital efficiency should generate superior returns for our shareholders.”

    David Kaye

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Martha-2x
    "The heart and soul of Boston Private is our people. They are what truly
    differentiates us in the marketplace."

    Martha Higgins

    Executive Vice President
    Director of Human Capital Resources

  • Tim-2x
    “Our Enterprise Risk
    Management Program aligns our risk profile to our strategic objective to promote a safe, sound and compliant Company.”

    Timothy MacDonald

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Risk Officer

Our Firms


Anchor Capital
Advisors, LLC

Clayton Deutsch

Boston Private Bank
& Trust Company


Bingham, Osborn
& Scarborough, LLC


Dalton, Greiner, Hartman,
Maher & Co., LLC


KLS Professional
Advisors Group, LLC